China Enforces New Tibetan Border Regulations

Beijing has begun to enforce new border regulations aimed at curbing terrorism and separation, according to the state-run newspaper Global Times. On the other side of the border, however, Tibetans tell a different story.

Tibetan exile media is reporting that the Chinese government is moving to limit border crossings ahead of the Dalai Lama’s trip to India. The spiritual leader will be leading a series of Buddhist teaching events based on Kalachakra. These outlets also say that Tibetans recently traveled to India before being summoned back to Tibet by Chinese authorities ahead of the teachings.

This would not be the first time Kalachakra caused controversy. According to the International Campaign for Tibet, 8,000 Tibetans were detained in 2012 after returning from these teachings. The Chinese government has never revealed an official number behind the detentions.

The new measures were announced in December. The Tibet Daily quoted Bagdro, the deputy head of Tibet border police force, as saying the “renewed” regulation focuses on restricting movements in border areas and stabilizing the region through economic and social development. Missing, however, were reports of terrorism prevention as a motive.

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