China’s Xi vows to create unity among China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

The President of China, Xi Jinping recently made a strong call in order to create unity among each and every individual who lives within the country. This statement was made on last Friday when the President attended the 150th anniversary celebrations of the birth of first President of China, Sun Yat-Sen.

During the past couple of months, several organizations took movements in order to separate China to different territories. The President has taken necessary measures in order to eliminate the negative consequences that can happen as a result of it. For example, the Chinese government has suspended communications with Taiwan until it agrees to follow the “One China” policy. Likewise, the President has urged Hong Kong to follow the same policy so that they can stand strong as a one nation.

President Xi Jinping also stated that all the activities taken place with the objective of splitting China would be strongly opposed by the people. In fact, no person in China wants the country to be divided into different territories under any conditions. It is up to the President to make sure such things don’t happen in the future.

The government of China has criticized the independence of Hong Kong. In fact, the Chinese government discourages the activities of these separatists. Recently Zhang Dejiang, who is the number three ranking leader of China made a visit to Hong Kong and made a strong statement, saying that the country would undoubtedly rot if it does not agree to the One China policy. President Xi Jinping highlighted this fact during his speech as well.

The Chinese government led by President Xi Jinping is looking forward to make mainland China and the surrounding islands into a single Chinese nation. However, it has to face a series of challenges in order to achieve this objective. However, the President stated that they would achieve that target in the near future, regardless of the challenges that they have to face along the way.

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