Chinese Lawyer Attacked in Court by Officers, 800 Attorneys Fight Back

A group of 800 Chinese lawyers are fighting back against an attack on one of their own – by their own government, in front of government officials.

The lawyer Wu Liangshu was allegedly beaten by policemen in a district court in Nanning, China, located in the Guangxi region of southwest China Friday.

Nanning, known as the “Green City” for its lush tropical foliage, was anything but enchanting that day. Wu’s attack occurred in open court in the direct presence of two judges and one other government official while he attempted to file a case before them.

The assault is reported to have begun after Wu refused to hand over his mobile phone for inspection by the court police.

The band of attorneys signed a statement condemning the government’s ruthless and uncalled for behavior, writing that “Without any legal stance and paperwork such as a search warrant, court policemen are not allowed to carry out such an inspection.”

“We are of the view that this is a classic case of abuse of power. Searching people in whatever way they please is an illegal act punishable by law,” the statement went on.

According to Chinese news agency Caixin, Wu was photographed leaving the courthouse in a state of decrepitude: his shirt torn open, his pants ripped apart down to his underwear. His shredded clothing revealed visible red marks on his chest as well multiple injuries to his fingers which he got when an officer had stamped on him, Wu claimed.

The lawyers’ statement called on the court to immediately release surveillance footage of the incident to the public.

It also pressed for the attackers to turn themselves in to authorities for “aggravated bodily harm.”