China Cheat Sheets, a production of Illumination Multimedia, is a source for all things China, from news and current events to art and history. CCS intends to be must-read for China watchers, students of Chinese studies, ex-pats, and anyone else interested in the daily ongoings of what is, perhaps, the world’s most fascinating and inscrutable nation.

China is a major player in the world making it its own dichotomy. While China boasts the second largest GDP in the world, hundreds of millions still live in poverty as defined by World Bank. Although the Community Party previously eschewed cultural development in favor of equality, the Chinese continue to engage in rich cultural and artistic expressions. In theory China is a communist nation, but many Chinese have taken to Deng Xiaoping’s dictum “To get rich is glorious.”

These are some of the bridges China Cheat Sheets hopes to help readers cross towards a better understanding of this enigmatic Middle Kingdom.


About the Editor
Editor-in-Chief Andrew Burke is a lifelong aficionado of all things Chinese. He studied Mandarin while living in Taiwan for six years and now works as a digitization specialist at the Yenching Library, which specializes in Asian books and documents, at Harvard University where he also studies topics related to China, Chinese, Asia and foreign affairs. .