BMW v. Horse in Nanchang: Horse Wins, BMW Dented

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Some of the famous Terracotta Horses. (Photo credit: Ryan Oriecuia)

The Jiangnan Metropolis Daily reported Tuesday that a horse was was walking by on a of Nanchang sidewalk, carrying its rider on the back. It was trotting merrily but as they approached a corner, they found it crowded with cars.

With no room to walk straight ahead, the horse had to go into the road to carry on with the walk. But as soon as it stepped onto the road and went on at its own pace, a fellow driver in a BMW lost its patience because of the slow speed of the animal and reacted by honking continuously. This did not produce the expected result.

How would have the horse possibly interpreted the honking as an indication to make way? It got panicked by the noise and fuss and reacted by kicking back on the car, leaving a huge dent in the BMW.

The traffic rules of Nanchang allow no honking, and the blocking of the pedestrian walk by cars was also found to be a violation by the police. To the surprise of all, the driver established an agreement with the situation and took the responsibility to act himself. In spite of blaming the animal for the dent, he even went to mend the dent on the side panel of the car as well. This left the amused spectators with a lesson and a story to remember..

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