China Angry Over Taiwan’s Visit To Japan

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China has recently expressed its anger at Japan because the opposition leader of Taiwan will be visiting Japan. China is enraged because they are of the opinion that Taiwan should not be offered any kind of platform for promoting their wrong views.

The Democratic Party in Taiwan is of the opinion that the people of the island can decide their own future. Beijing believes that it meant that Taiwan is looking to gain independence. The presidential front runner of Taiwan; Tsai Ing-wen is all set to meet the members of the liberal democratic party in Japan.

The foreign ministry spokesman in China bluntly pointed out his disapproval as he was quoted as saying, “We are extremely concerned about Tsai Ing-wen’s activities in Japan and are resolutely opposed.” He even went on to say that they expect Japan not to interfere in the Taiwan affairs because Japan had made a promise not to disseminate the Taiwan independence and China is not very happy with all these new developments.

The relations between China and Taiwan seemed to have improved ever since Ma Ying-jeou became the president in 2008. A lot of different deals have been signed ever since and the aim had been to reach a state of stability. Owing to the maximum term limit, Ma will step down in the next year and it is likely that Tsai will be voted in as the new leader. The relations with Taiwan may not improve because there has already been a lot of friction with Tsai and the Chinese government.

What will come out of the Taiwanese visit to Japan remains to be seen.


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