China Cultural Centre To Open Soon For Promoting Arts And Culture

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Right in Singapore’s Queen Street, the much-awaited 11 story China Cultural Centre has been finally completed. The pre-launch programs will kick start soon as there will be a writer’s forum which will feature five of China’s top novelists.

The authors would include the likes of Tie Ning who is currently the president of China Writers’ Association. Another reputed name in the list is that of Yu Hua. His novel ‘To Live’ was later turned into movie and he will be sharing his experiences about writing in this new theatre.

In collaboration with the Singapore Writers’ Association, these reputed novelists will meet almost 100 local Chinese language based writers at the event. This centre was mainly designed to foster the exchange between China and Singapore in fields of art and culture.

The centre has been designed by Liu Thai Ker who is one of the well known architects from Singapore. The centre was build over a period spanning more than 2 years and it cost more than 200 million Yuan which amounts to over $44 million Singaporean dollars. It is expected that the opening event will be hosted by the top leaders from both the nations.

China wants to have at least 50 such centers by 2020 because it is looking to promote its culture as it wants to showcase its soft power all over the world. The library present on the 6th floor in this centre is much hyped because it will have more than 40,000 books. The books will mainly be focused upon Chinese history and current affairs and will be opened for public use once the book collection has arrived.

The opening of this centre would be earlier than the Singapore Chinese cultural centre which is located in the Shenton Way and that will happen by end of next year..

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