China Raises Red Alert Standards

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China announced the country would be changing environmental standards for issuing Red Alerts in the face of growing pollution.

Red Alerts are issued when an air in a region undergoes an Air Quality Index level of 200 for a three-day period. Now, pollution would have to be stronger before Beijing issues a Red Alert warning.

New standards mean these warning would be issued when AQI exceeds 500 for a one day period, 300 for two days, or 200 for four days.

Along with new standards, the government also announced the development of ventilation “corridors” to improve air quality.

The new Red Alert standards take effect at the end of March. They will cover Beijing, Tianjin, and surrounding cities in Hebei province.

China leads the world in air pollution. Last year, China announced the closure of more than 2,500 companies that significantly contribute to pollution.

Nonetheless, the government does not expect a major reduction of smog emission until 2030 at the earliest..

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