China Ready to Destroy South Korean Missile System: Former PLA General

Following South Korea’s deployment of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense system, one retired People’s Liberation Army (PLA) general says the Chinese military was preparing to mobilize its own defense system even before South Korean leadership confirmed the battery’s deployment.

Wang Hongguang says China can compromise THAAD by hampering with its radar system using electromagnetic technology. Fu Qianshao, an aviation equipment expert with the PLA Air Force, told the South China Morning Post that Chinese planes can also interfere with the missile defense system’s radar signals.

Wang adds that it is not only concerned by THAAD, but also accused the United States of leading in effort to contain the country in a sophisticated web of missiles put forth by neighbors including The Philippines and Taiwan.

“We will complete our deployment before THAAD begins operations,” Wang said. “There is no need to wait for two months [before the election of the next South Korean president]. We already have such equipment in place. We just have to move it to the right spot.”

Yue Gang, a military commentator and former People’s Liberation Army colonel, adds that China can even dismantle the weapons system.

“Destroying [THAAD] should only be an option during wartime,” Yue said.

Yue also said it was possible for China to install radar-damaging equipment in the Shandong peninsula on the country’s east coast, opposite South Korea.

THAAD arrived at the Osan Air base in South Korea during the weekend. It has the capacity to intercept incoming ballistic missiles

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