Chinese massacre of 1871

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The atrocities visited upon the slaves that made the American economy what it it today is an unwashable sin thoroughly and permanently staining the reputation of the country. While millions made it to the new world, around 400,000 found themselves in the United States. These slaves were beaten, murdered and raped at the whim of their owners without any fear of retribution. Hangings or lynchings as they are known was a common sight among the United States. Many were hung with no just cause and sometimes many being hung together at the same time. The record however for most people being hung at once by Americans is not the morbid honor the slaves of the time were forced to burden. That distinct “honor” is held by the Chinese who were unfortunate enough to sow their seeds in the city of Los Angeles. On October 18th, 1871, a mob of 500 men rioted in what is now known as the Chinese massacre of 1871. At the end of this travesty every Chinese living the Chinatown of LA were robbed and beaten with 18 Chinese being lynched at one time. It was alleged that this perversion of civility was sparked when an innocent rancher was caught in the crossfire of two Chinese gangs shooting it out. While this is most abhorrent it is no cause to rob every Chinese citizen in the town and brutally torture the 18 that were then hung.  .

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