Chinese University Leads Counter Terrorism Drill with Foreign Kids Playing the Bad Guys

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A university in Hangzhou is coming under scrutiny for its casting decisions in a so-called “counter-terrorism drill” held on Dec. 10.

The operation itself did not raise many eyebrows in today’s age of global terrorism. However, pictures of the drill at Zhejiang University raised a few questions including, “Why are all the terrorists played by foreigners?”

According to NetEase, the show began when a group of terrorists broke into campus throwing smoke bombs and wielding machetes, while looking for unsuspecting victims to attack or take hostage. A SWAT team in full riot gear responded before the terrorists captured civilians. Eventually, negotiations broke down and the SWAT team killed one of the terrorists before he could slay his victim making it easier for the authorities to subdue the other frightened terrorists.

It’s not clear whether the foreign students volunteered to play their roles or whether Chinese students played terrorists as well. All the terrorists in the photos, however, are of darker skin..

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