Chinese Way Of Thought Attracts Contrasting Views Again

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China is getting pointed at yet again for its monopolizing opinions and thoughts on its relationship with Taiwan, Tiananmen and Tibet. The 26th anniversary of the protests at Tiananmen Square has also stirred an atmosphere of sour views and quiet disagreements to how the country is taking the idea of one China to an entirely different and authoritarian tone by conveying that Taiwan and Tibet belong to China. The consistency of thoughts like these all over the nation is receiving serious reactions, especially from the new active generation waiting for change.

China has witnessed many agitations and protests in the past that the moved viewers are remembering today. The memory of the bravery and daring of the Tank Man against the harsh and forceful attempts of the Chinese government to beat down the Tiananmen protest in June of 1989 has become closely related with the Tibetan struggle for independence. These issues have lead many Chinese citizens to question the governments actions against not only these states but against themselves, the average Chinese national, who also has to endure the internal policies that scarily mimics the compassion less ones that are dealt upon the three t’s; these being Tibet, Taiwan and Tainanmen.

As we can see that, the election is approaching nearer and it has become very important that the Chinese authorities take these issues under consideration with a more liberal approach. The effect of these conflicts of thinking and action is directly reflected upon the political frame of the picture. It is time that the Chinese government should understand that its apparent strategy of getting the position of the populace settled back with a restoration of stability in the economy is not likely to work alone. The new generation is asking questions in raised voices that are not calming down for anything other than the denied freedom they are looking for..

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