Company Tells Family of Yunnan Worker who Fell into Boiling Vat to Have him Euthanized

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The employer of a man who endured burns on 99 percent of his body after falling into a boiling vat of slurry allegedly has tried to convince a family member to have him euthanized.

Yuan Longhua, 38, fell into the vat at a Yunnan factory run by the CQC Group on August 1 after working for more than 13 hours without a break, according to the Xinhua news agency. Since then, Yuan has underwent five skin-graft surgeries and has had a leg amputated.

Yuan’s brother said that he received a text message in October from a company representative urging him to discontinue treatment so that compensation could be paid out to the family following his death.

Around this time, the CQC Group began delaying payments for Yuan’s medical bills.

According to the brother, the text read, “We suggest asking relatives to tell the hospital to give up on treatment; after he passes we will pay compensation.”

Yuan Longyun responded asking, “You mean we should euthanize him, you’re not going to provide treatment?”

He did not receive a response to his message.

Following the delay, Yuan’s family managed to gather 30,000 yuan to pay for continued treatment. Nonetheless, the family still needs about 90,000 yuan.

“Since my brother’s accident, the boss has not once shown his face,” Longyun said. “We don’t have his telephone number, our only communication is through the company representative.”


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