Former Government Official in Xinjiang Gets Prison Term

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A former Communist Party chief in the China’s autonomous Xinjiang region has been jailed for 12 years on corruption charges, state-run media reports.

Yang Gang served as a party secretary in the region’s capital of Urumqi from 1999 to 2006. He was accused of taking about 13.7 million yaun or $2.10 million in bribes by helping others win promotions and contracts.

Court officials say his sentence could have been much longer had he not confessed to his crimes and cooperated with the investigation.

Yang was first suspected of wrongdoing in 2013 before he was formally charged last year.

Yang is the latest government official to be jailed in what many analysts are calling one of the most wide-spread and intense crackdowns on corruption in the China’s history. Dozens of former government officials have been jailed in recent years raising the suspicion that President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign may be politically motivated..

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