Guo Seeking Asylum in the U.S.

A Chinese billionaire who has accused several high ranking officials of China’s ruling Communist Party of corruption is reportedly seeking political asylum in the United States.

The New York Times quoted Washington-based lawyer Thomas Ragland as saying that exiled Guo’s accusations against China’s elite had made him a “political opponent of the Chinese regime.” Guo is currently spending time in New York on a tourist visa, which expires later this year.

The man has become notorious in the eyes of Chinese officials after making serious claims against the government through his video blogs and social media posts. But despite providing little credible evidence to support those claims, his ties to intelligence officials has made him a person of interest.

China even persuaded Interpol to launch a global “red notice” for his arrest back in April. All across state-run Chinese media, he’s being accused of crimes. These include bribery, fraud and even rape — all of which Guo denies.

But even if he is granted asylum in the U.S., his woes may not be over then. He is being sued in the states by numerous individuals and Chinese companies including the HNA Group conglomerate.

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