Renowned Guzheng Artist Chang Jing Takes Over Greece

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Chang Jing, a world-renowned player of the ancient Chinese instrument the Guzheng, is recording the first ever Chinese-Greek crossover album with ancient Greek Lyre band “Lyre ‘n’ Rhapsody” and Chinese flutist Zhang Di.

The album comes after these performers wowed Greece with their recent performances at the Trianon Theater in Athens and the Boutari Winery on Santorini. At the Santorini stop, they also shared the stage with the famous world musician & Cretan Lyre virtuoso Ross Daly.

Chang caught the world’s eyes when she performed as a soloist as part of the Opening Ceremony at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

She also performed with the famous Greek musician Yanni before an audience of 7 million viewers during the 2013 CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

Known as “The Zheng Beauty”, Chang is applauded worldwide for her performance style which blends tradition and modernism in East and West. She is also the first Guzheng performer to combine vocal and musical performance.


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