Rubio Proposes Strength as the Last Resort for Working Peace With China

The campaigns of all the candidates in the run for the upcoming US presidential election are getting stronger and more heated. During a campaign stop this Wednesday, Sen Marco Rubio, a republican contender for president, expressed his straight forward outlook on how he pictures the relationship between the United States of America and China.

The Senator feels that President Obama’s passiveness and empathy doesn’t work for him. He even questioned if president Obama’s ways were outright neglect of duty, for continuing to express his feeling of friendliness and admiration to the leaders of China when there is visible aggression on the other side.

He also communicated a possible solution in the Wall Street Journal. His opinion is that strengthening America is the only and most efficient resort for developing a long lasting relationship with China. Serving on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, his view particularly suggested that America should start improving the state of the military. That’s what he plans to do, if elected president, along with working for promoting free commerce and improving human rights by the freedom of political prisoners with China.

Rubio also received quite an amount attention by calling Cuba and Iran ‘tyrannical regimes’ and expressing his concern for the US economy which is getting affected by the critical economical decisions of China. He even asked for not taking President Xi’s coming call as a state visit but just as a working visit to be carried out without any state dinner. He believes it could be used rightly as a chance for communicating with government in a free yet focused way. 



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