The Cultural Diversity In China

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China is the largest country on the globe and hence the traditions and customs which exist in the country varies a great deal. As per reports from the Asia Society, there are more than 1 billion people who live in China and together there may be present as many as 56 ethnic minority groups. Of these different minority groups, the Han Chinese is the largest as there are more than 900 million people that fall in this group.

There are a lot of other groups too like Tibetans, Manchus, Naxi, Hezhen and the Mongols as well. Of all these groups, the Hezhen is the smallest of them all with as few as 2000 members. It is not uncommon to find that people inside a community have their own culture as they follow a specified set of rules and traditions.

When it comes to culture, one can see much diversity in the religion they follow, their eating habits and also the languages they speak. There are a lot of sub languages apart from Mandarin. Not only this, a meticulous study of the different culture indicates that the marriage traditions, the morals which a community follows and even the taste in music are going to differ a great deal too.

As far as religion is concerned, there are 5 official religions in the nation. However, the Chinese communist party, which is in rule is atheist state. Religion other than Buddhism, Islam, Protestantism, Taoism and Catholicism are considered to be illegal and even these have suffered great discrimination and repression.

Also when it comes to the Chinese cuisine, you will find a great amount of diversity. Rice remains the major food source. Cantonese is the most common Chinese cooking style. Talking of Chinese art, it is mostly influenced by the rich cultural history of the country and is world renowned.


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