Tibet Could Be the Opportunity Xi Jinping Needs

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The political and economical drama from China are stirring the international silence. People and the leaders from countries like the US and EU are fretting over the question of the security of both business and men. The world is witnessing how the expression of Tibet in writing and speech is troubling the people and leading to imprisonments. It is making the current imbalance of the Chinese civil society apparent and the actions of the government receive only frowns.

Tibet is a vital border for China and the world is growing more skeptical about Xi’s policies and administrational approach towards the rising issues. China is accused of cyber terrorism now and then and it is high time that it comes up with a concrete solution to its behavior. After the COP21 UN Summit, the promise to reduce the carbon emission seems like a step in the right direction.

The idea of one China seems to have disintegrated from possibility, so it is advisable that the country makes a move towards a more decentralized, effectively democratic strategy.  And the peaceful and promising offer from the Dalai Lama could prove to be the best chance for Xi Jinping to act in the rightful way and ensure the world the possibility of his better intentions.

The strain between Tibet and China is only raising more questions. President Obama is going to reason with Xi about how accepting the Dalai Lama’s offer is an act that will not only grant Tibet self-rule but also give China positive global recognition with a promise for the future. Seeing how the decades long Tibetan resistance has always been peaceful and non violent with the guidance of Dalai Lama, it is only fitting that Xi should come to an understanding with this issue within his lifetime. This could take China’s image from a centralized authoritarian entity to an accountable strong nation..

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