Villager Buried Alive Over Local Dispute

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An argument over whether to pave a street used by several families in Fengqui County, Henan Province, ended with a woman being buried alive.

Villagers told NetEase news reporters that a soil-laden truck driven by Zhao Xuejie arrived on October 2 to pave a street when local resident Sun Qiuying blocked its path. Following a heated argument, Zhao fired up his engine and dumped the truck’s contents onto Sun burying her for several minutes before family members pulled her out by hand.

Sun later passed out due to her injuries and was taken to a local hospital.

Some villagers say Zhao was hired by the local government and imply he was ordered to intimidate Sun. They also say the truck was in local government possession at the time.

Zhao has been issued a notice stating he will be detained for five to 10 years and fined 200 to 500 yuan for driving without a license.

Village Mayor Li told reporters that a criminal investigation is underway.

Villagers had been at odds with each other over whether the road should be paved..

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