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Over 30,000 Tibetans Sneak Back Home

More than 30,000 monks educated in India have snuck back into the Himalayan region to revive their culture under Chinese suppression, according to the Tibetan government in exile. Lobsang Sangay, the president of the Central […]

Chinese Thought

Pelosi Visits Dalai Lama

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi traveled to India with a bi-partisan delegation to visit the spiritual leader The Dalai Lama and to shed light on the alleged human rights abuse of Tibetans. “As we visit […]

Current Events

Has North Korea Gone too Far?

North Korean hackers are known for having a track record of such hits as crashing Sony Pictures’ computers and stealing millions from the central bank of Bangladesh. But a recent wave of malware attacks also […]

Current Events

China Installs Rocket Launchers on South China Sea

Beijing continues to inflame tensions with its neighbors along the South China Sea after installing rocket launchers along the Fiery Cross Reef, according to state-run newspaper Defense Times. The publication reports China installed Norinco CS/AR-1 […]