Anonymous Threatens Chinese Government

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The hit list of international hacker gang Anonymous seems to be growing.

Their next target: official Chinese websites.

Over the weekend, Anonymous’ Honk Kong segment posted a video to Facebook stating that it would attack Chinese government and police websites in honor of missing Hong Kong book publisher Lee Bo.

Many believe Lee was abducted by mainland authorities last Wednesday for his work at the Cuaseway Bay bookstore, which sold banned works critical of the ruling Communist Party.

Four of Lee’s colleagues have also gone missing.

Following the messages posted by Anonymous last weekend, a fax supposedly delivered from Lee to a Causeway Bay employee also emerged. In it, Lee explains he had spoken with his wife and is aiding mainland authorities in an investigation.

The letter reads:

“Mr. Chan,

Since I am in urgent need to handle the related issue, and as it cannot be told to the outside world, I have returned to the mainland by my own method to assist the investigation by related authorities – it may take some time.

Please continue to run the bookstore as per contract … My current situation is good, everything is normal.”

Lee’s alleged abduction raised anger among those who perceived it as an example of mainland authorities undermining the city’s “one country, two systems” rights.

Protests led by pan-democratic parties have broken out at the China Liaison Office.

In reference to the situation, student activist group Scholarism said, “‘Hong Kong is not Hong Kong anymore.”



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