China Becomes The New Ladder For Elections

This is a very politically charged time that we are all witnessing. The elections are approaching and the volunteering caretakers of the countries are putting their best efforts in the run for getting a stronghold for their candidates success.

The United States of America alert and energetic as the whole cycle of campaigns and controversies has started for the race for the 2016 presidential elections. China has too much of political and economical issues going on to get off of the news at the moment and Donald J. Trump, a republic contender for president, takes on the volatile situation of the country to assert his position.

In one of his campaigning event held in Michigan, he was found throwing a direct attack on the dubious strategy of China to cause trouble for America in the international market. The main concern that he pointed out was how China is keeping on devaluing its currency. Though one can say that it is an inevitable consequence looking at the rising instability of its economy but there’s also no denying the fact that it was the largest devalue seen in a span of the past twenty years.

China has created and reveled its strong grasp on the international market that is swamped with a multitude of Chinese products. Mr. Trump expressed that the overflowing of Chinese goods in his country is not only deteriorating American trade within the nation, but he also sees the continual devaluation of renminbi as a potential threat to the American economy as well.

This however is foreseen as a discussion that is likely to come up when President Obama will meet the Chinese president, Xi Jinping in the coming month. Many are expressing an understanding with Mr. Trump’s opinions but he has also received some frowns for the later display of calculated oratory..

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