China Court says Women got raped for Drinking, Smoking and Dressing Provocatively

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A Chinese court has concluded that women should avoid drinking, smoking and dressing provocatively because such actions make them more likely to get raped. The move sparked a wave of sarcasm across the Internet with such comments as, “So there won’t be any rape after a woman quits drinking and smoking?”

The Haidian District court came to its highly ridiculed findings after reviewing 151 rape cases involving 162 defendants in the last three years.

“Some victims have bad habits such as smoking and drinking,” the court said. “Defendants easily target these people, based on the habitual perception that victims who smoke and drink, especially victims who are drunk, could easily become targets.”

Internet users expanded further on the court’s findings.

One user warned, “Those with hair are more likely to be sexually assaulted than those with no hair; those with teeth are more likely to be sexually assaulted than those who don’t have teeth.

“But most importantly, women who are alive are way more likely to be sexually assaulted than female corpses. So out of self-love and self-protection, we have to drop dead.”

But what about the male defendants?

The court concluded that most were simply men whose basic sexual needs were not being met, and who didn’t know any better than to go out and rape. It found that 64 percent were aged between 18 and 30 with needs that could not be “normally satisfied” because they were either single or married but not living with their spouses.

The court’s overall conclusion: Women don’t dress provocatively or enjoy common vices. Men, don’t not have your needs met..

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