China’s Chief Censor says China Doesn’t Censor

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Ahead of the World Internet Conference in the Chinese town of Wuzhen, China’s censor-in-chief told the country’s media that Beijing does not censor the Internet.

Lu Wei, the leader of the Cyberspace Administration of China, instead told reporters that China “manages” the Internet.

“It is a misuse of words to say ‘content censorship,’ Lu said during a press conference in Zhejiang. “But no censorship does not mean there is no management. The Chinese government learnt how to manage the Internet from Western developed countries. We have not learnt enough yet.”

China’s sophisticated Internet monitoring and censoring system is often referred to in cyber circles and the media as “The Great Firewall of China.”

Lu said China blocks certain sites and censors specific posts in order to defend China’s economy.

“Indeed, we do not welcome those that make money off China, occupy China’s market, even as they slander China’s people,” Lu said. “These kinds of websites, I definitely will not allow in my house. I indeed may choose who comes into my house. They can come in if they are friends.”

The three-day World Internet Conference will start on Dec. 16 and it’s expected to feature Chinese President Xi Jinping as a key-note speaker. Lu said the event will bring together more than 200 representatives from more than 120 countries including the prime ministers of Russia and Pakistan.


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