Chinese Groom Dragged Through Streets for Having Cold Feet

You’ve heard stories of grooms ditching out on their weddings never to be seen or heard from again. One guy wasn’t so lucky.

According to online reports, a bride grabbed a coil of chains and went out looking for her runaway, would-be husband. This real Bridezilla then wrapped the chains around his wrists and dragged him across the streets while “gently” asking him to come back to his senses and to their wedding.

But while there is video proof that these actions took place, the reasoning behind it is shrouded in mystery. Netizens were not slow to devise some conspiracy theories.

Could these two be actors trying to promote a new product or film? Could this be some elaborate prank? Is it some form of “stage art”? Or did the poor guy just forget his safe word during an S&M session gone wrong – or more wrong, depending on how you look at it.

But whatever lesson this guy was being taught, let’s hope he learned it.

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