Five More Added to China’s Blacklist for Tarnishing Country’s Reputation Abroad

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Five more Chinese tourists were added this year to China’s national blacklist, preventing them from boarding flights.

The policy was put into effect earlier this year to prevent tourists from shaming the country’s reputation abroad.

Three of the new additions were involved in an airplane scuffle over leg room on a flight from Cambodia to Chengdu. One passenger angered another when she reclined her seat. Once relatives jumped in, the argument became violent. The pilot deemed the three passengers from Sichaun a threat to the flight’s safety and had them booted off the plane before it took off.

In another incident, Rong Jiaxin, of Shanghai, punched a Family Mart clerk in the nose while in Japan, because the clerk had asked Jiaxin’s wife to pay for an item before opening it.

In the most recent incident, Huang Jiankui, of Hunan Province, hit a travel guide with a teacup after the guide refused to offer Jiankui’s son a free ticket during their one-day tour of a mountainous resort in Sichuan province. The boy was reportedly too tall for a free ticket.

All three occurrences span dates between August and October.

According to China’s National Tourism Administration, 16 people have been added to the blacklist so far this year. Among these is a couple who made bomb threats and poured steaming noodles on a flight attendant.

People on the black list are barred from air travel for a period of one-to-three years, and their credit scores are downgraded..

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