Chinese Husband Rents More than 1,000 Taxi LED boards to Beg for Wife’s Forgiveness

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There are plenty of ways of saying, “I’m sorry” to your significant other.

One husband in China’s Sichuan province came up with more than 1,000.

The heartbroken man who goes by the name “A.Qiang” rented the LED boards of 1,407 taxis in downtown Yibin city for one second chance.

From Saturday through Monday, each board displayed the following message: “I’m sorry darling. Please forgive me.”

Of course, the stunt went viral faster than you could hail a cab. But, it left many nettizens scratching their heads.

Who is this mysterious A.Qiang? To whom is he begging forgiveness from? And what did he do to go this far for an apology?

According to the advertising company the man rented the boards through, his heartfelt message cost around 10,000 Yuan per day.

One can only hope the lady in question noticed the message..

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