Developers Enclose Chinese Couple’s Home in a Trench for Refusing to Leave

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Local developers just outside the Chinese village of Wuhan could not persuade a couple to abandon their home through standard means.

So, someone decided to drive an excavator through their home Saturday afternoon and dig a 1-mter wide, 1.5-meter deep trench. Now, 52-year-old Yin Yangju and her husband Xiao Ming find it difficult to step outside of the property.

The couple has lived at the home for three decades, but they have refused to sign an agreement because they say the compensation being offered is too low compared to the expected value of their residence.

According to Shanghai, the village committee director who has just taken office did not know who dug the trench.

So far, developers have demolished 545 homes in the area and only 14 remain standing. The owners of these homes also argue they are not being offered adequate compensation to abandon their dwellings..

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