Jiangxi Prison Hosts Inmate Dance Off

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Guards at a Jiangxi prison took the shackles off their inmates last Friday, so the prisoners could dance into some jail-house rock.

More than 600 inmates at Yuzhang Prison in Nanchang engaged in a dance competition at the facility’s court yard, with more than 80 families of the convicts in attendance.

The 11 dance teams busted moves to some of pop music’s greatest hits including PSY’s “Gangman Style,” and The Chopstick Brothers’ “Xiaopinguo,” which earned an International Song Award in 2014.

The prison warden said the event was held for the prisoners to have fun and “reform faster.”

Some of the inmates’ wives even joined in.

“I can’t believe that I got the chance to dance with my husband on stage,” one woman said. “I hope that he will cherish the environment here and that he will be reformed.”

The audience was also treated to Tai chi, waist drum and dragon-dance performances in between the dance-offs.


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