Obama Pressures China on North Korea

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US President Barack Obama has just made his last case in persuading China to put pressure on North Korea following a phone call he had with China’s president Xi Jinping on Thursday.

Both countries condemned North Korea’s test of a nuclear weapon last month. Both nations also agreed on an “impactful” United Nations Security Council Resolution. However, China and the US are split on the framework for achieving this goal.

“In our conversations at a diplomatic level with the Chinese in particular, we encouraged them to work with us and develop potential options,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said. “They have unique influence over the North Korean regime.”
Beijing is the isolated nation’s sole ally and a crucial trading partner. So far, China has been reluctant to threaten North Korea with unilateral sanctions.

The phone conversation was held as the website 38 North published satellite images detecting movement of North Korea’s Sohae — also called Tongching-ra — launch site.

The UN International Maritime Organization on Tuesday said North Korean authorities had notified it of an upcoming missile launch to put a satellite into orbit.

Such a launch would require ballistic missile technology.

Under UNSC resolutions, North Korea is prohibited from developing nuclear weapons or ballistic missiles.

Nonetheless, the US says it has a range of options for responding to North Korea’s continued violations of UNSC resolutions.

Nonetheless, Defense Secretary John Earnest says the US has a variety of options to respond to North Korea’s violations of UN Security Council resolutions.


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