Ttongsul: Waste Not Want Not

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Ttongsul is the name of a medicinal wine, which is prepared traditionally in Korea. Ttongsul is also popularly known as the feces wine. Feces are the main ingredient used to prepare this medicinal wine that makes it unique from all other wines.

Though it is called a traditional wine of Korea, its existence and use was not as widely known. It was only in 2013 that Yuka Uchida of Vice Japan introduced this feces wine openly to the populace.

How is Ttongsul prepared?

The preparation of this traditional medicinal wine is not in the practice of many. Dr. Lee Chang Soo however, practices the preparation of this traditional wine even today.
Ttongsul can be prepared using two different methods. A bamboo stick is submerged in pot containing both feces and alcohol and it ferments for months. This first method extracts Ttongsul from the bamboo stick. And in the second method the wine could be prepared in a time of only some days by the direct mixing of feces and alcohol.

Use of Feces

Korea, China and Japan have a long history of extracting the medicinal benefits from feces. The feces of many animals like bats, silkworms, sparrows have been used in medicine. The Tang Dynasty even used chicken manure. From the Sengoku period, equine feces are also used as choice therapy as it is efficient in the treatment of gunshot.



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