Can’t Find a Seat on the Metro? Bring Your Own Bean Bag like this Dude in Chongqing

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Commutes on the Metro can be a nightmare especially when you can’t find a place to sit – an unfortunate reality for several people who happen to hop on at the wrong time. But, one rider figured out a solution: Bring your own seat.

Over the weekend, a commuter boarded a train on Line 3 in Chonqing and brought his own bean bag. A fellow commuter snapped a photo of the man, who was gently sleeping on his orange-colored bean bag in the middle of the carriage as if he had no care in the world.

The delightful scene has triggered the funny bone of netizens since. But, authorities were quick to remind people that Metro staff does not offer soft seats and riders must abide by all rules. They were unable to explain, however, how the man managed to get a giant, brightly-colored bean bag through security.


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