China Ridicules Trump but Fears Hillary

Chinese state media has been closely following the U.S presidential election, which likely could become a fierce battle between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

As in America, Chinese media and Internet users often ridicule Trump. Ahead of Super Tuesday results, a newspaper affiliated with the Chinese army wrote, “Whether Trump becomes a joke, or lets the American democratic elections become a joke, let us wait and see.”

Netizens often poke fun at Trump on Weibo or “China’s Twitter.”

Sometimes, they jokingly express support for the reality-TV star. Wang Shiyu Katrina referred to Trump as a “live Eric Cartman” who would make international news “as fascinating as crosstalk television” if elected.

But a President Trump would be no laughing matter for Beijing if the businessman sticks to his guns. In his fiery speeches, Trump has proposed putting huge tariffs on Chinese imports and returning millions of low-skilled factory jobs to the United States.

Still, a President Hillary may pose an even bigger threat to China. Obama’s “Pivot to Asia” was the brainchild of Hillary as Secretary of State. The ruling Communist Party sees this as an effort to contain Chinese influence in the region.

Many netizens also agree Hillary would move to limit China’s global influence. Some also say she would be very difficult to negotiate with.

Hong Kong-based Phoenix Television took to Weibo and asked its followers, “Hillary or Trump, who is more unfavorable to China?”

Howl to the Sky 2012 wrote: “If Hillary took office she would focus on the containment of China in political and military aspects, while Trump would focus on containing China’s economy. Hillary is a veteran politician, serpent. Trump is a political newcomer, outspoken. In comparison, the Democrats coming to power is more unfavorable to China.”

Little Sam who worries the state wrote: “If we look at global geopolitics as a grand drama, then Hillary is a dedicated old performer while Trump is a utility cast member. The latter is easier to imagine making mistakes, acting passively, and to cope with. Go Trump!”.

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