David Bowie’s China Girl Remembers her time with the Star

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The woman who came to be known as David Bowie’s China Girl remembers the late rocker as “the most incredibly talented person … so warm and engaging.”

Geeling Ng., whose surname now is Ching, earned the title after starring in the music video for Bowie’s 1983 hit by the same name.

Now a successful restaurateur in Auckland, Ching cherishes her memories with the rock-star and says she’ll forever honor her title despite the controversy it came with.

“I’m immensely proud, utterly proud to be China Girl,” Ching said in an interview with NZ Herald. “I’ll go to my grave with that.”

Bowie reportedly died Monday alongside family after a long battle with cancer.

Ching says that the weekend before Bowie’s death, she sat a group of guests and one of them recognized her for her performance even after more than 30 years.

Ching says that being a part of the “China Girl” video with Bowie “changed my life forever.”

Even before starring in the video, Ching had been a fan of the man many in the rock world came to know as “Ziggy Stardust,” the bi-sexual alien rock-star who became one of Bowie’s most memorable personas.

The relationship, however, didn’t end after the director said “cut” for the last time back in 1983.

The last time Ching saw Bowie, a few years had passed. Still, Ching remembers the rocker stepping out of his own star light to greet her with an embrace.

“He took the time to be with people,” Ching recalls of Bowie.

Even though Bowie had not toured for several years, he spent some of his final days working hard in the recording studio. In fact, he released his new album “Blackstar” just days before his death.

“I’m blessed to have been part of that incredible talent, with someone who has changed the world of music … not just music, but the face of fashion, makeup, everything,” Ching said.



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