5 Pillars Of Conflict In US And China

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The United States will be hosting the seventh U.S. – China Strategic And Economic Dialogue event this week and it is much hyped because it will actually set the foundation for the Chinese president’s visit to the state in September. The relations between the two countries have been pretty turbulent of late because of various reasons. One of the key points of concern has to be the laws in China that pertain to NGO and even the friction with regards to China’s Asian infrastructure investment bank policy.

Apart from these issues, the event will also see discussion related to cyber security as recently the database of personnel management was hacked. Following are the major issues that need to be discussed.

  1. The South China Sea

US seem to view the island building activities of China as a threat to its trade route. China is not happy with the interference of US in the way it deals with its neighbors. Hence, this becomes a cause of concern.

  1. The laws pertaining to NGO

The new draft law pertaining to NGO has been under a lot of fire and US has been critical of it. This too will be discussed to come to an amicable resolution.

  1. Membership in China’s Asian infrastructure investment bank

US have opposed AIIB establishment and is asking all allies to decline the membership invite because they believe that governance standard is unacceptable. This too became a point of conflict between the two nations.

  1. Cyber security

This is one point which has seen both the company at loggerheads. US has indirectly said that the OPM personnel database hack was done by Chinese actors. There are also rumors of Chinese military being accused of cyber espionage.

  1. Bilateral investment treaty

The rules pertaining to foreign investment in the country seems to be another point where both nations have different stand..

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