The Cold War Rages- US- China At Loggerheads!

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On September 3rd, huge celebrations took place in Beijing which marked the 70th anniversary of China’s freedom from Japan’s aggression. There had been a lot of international diplomacy during the Second World War and one can find its profound impact in nearly all walks of history. The US left the allied side which was anti-fascist and they ended up switching to the fascist Axis side. However, over a period of time, things changed and one can see that the US no longer supports those nations that were once regressed against.

When BBC submitted its report on China’s preparation for the big event, they commented on the absence of western leaders form all those who had accepted the invitation to turn upon. The BBC remarked, “The parade thus serves a dual role: a reflection of the past and a signal for the future.”

Later in the ceremony,  president Xi was quoted as saying, “A stronger and more developed China will mean a stronger force for world peace.” It is sad as to how the world seems to be divided in their opinion and the countries seemed to have made groups of their own. There were a lot of leaders who refrained from participating in this military parade because they didn’t want to offend the Americans and other allies of Japan.

The only EU leader who was present in this historic parade was Milos Zeman who is the Czech president. The Japanese prime minister who has been heavily criticized turned, down the invitation and declined to be a part of this event.

Hence, this event which was mainly concerned with the events of the Second World War has actually opened up the face of the cold war which is ongoing between too many nations as there is war between communism and capitalism..

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