The Falling Economy and Failing Economical Management of China

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Questions are rising everywhere as the world is witnessing the second largest economy falling to the verge of wrecking and China still stays quiet and passive on the matter. This descend is not only causing trouble to the populace of the country alone, but also a worldwide economical stir is evident.

The silent take of the leaders is what is generating such a global agitation as even after a period of two months no concrete action has been taken to solve this crisis. The incapability and flawed strategies behind the decision making are being pointed at. The time demands for the authorities to follow some transparency and bring out the real reasons behind this crisis in public.

The mass is judging the earlier scale of Chinese engagement in the bull market as a number of people from all classes have suffered great loss in this resulting instability of stock market. This economical crisis is running parallel with the politics of the country, which asks if China would ever be able to develop and sustain the income status as high again.

While the population is waiting for the government to break the secrecy about this ongoing, the unity of China appears divided at all fronts. Serious market reforms are needed and more is expected after straight forward warning from Lou Jiwei, the finance minister itself. The troubles from the stock market, followed by devaluation of currency and apparent rise in corruption are together posing questions on the decision making. The need is to free the markets, look for the precision reasons of this global difficulty and let the citizens in on what’s going on rather than this silence and secrecy.

The suspected political interests of the party need to be separated from this crisis and efforts must be put in to achieve what’s the best for the nation, people of China and the world. But will the leaders even do this?.

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